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Montlhéry, cité millénaire.
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Montlhery is a pleasant town in France near Paris (15 miles south) and Orly international airport without the stress of the big city nor the noise.

General history of the town.

Montlhéry - FRANCEAre you looking for an hotel ? Do you want to know the weather forecast for France and Europe or are you just worried about traffic jams around Paris to join us ?

Montlhery is a worldwide well known city, famous for its car track where hundreds of records were established. But its history since 991 on the royal road from Paris to Orleans or the poets living there have also contributed to its fame.

Montlhery is part of the ESSONNE province. Lots of high-tech industries and universities or high schools (polytechnique, supelec, ...) are settled there due to its privileged location and the presence of highly skilled people who have found in this area a great quality of life near their jobs.

Ask for any further information at the Town Hall :

Hotel de Ville de Montlhery

14 Rue de la Chapelle



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or send E-mail to the Town Hall


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